Fostering and Adoption is not so popular in our community. It is time we raise the profile of this area of community work. Most of the time community members are unaware of issues and what needs to be done to foster or adopt a child.

Some brothers have started a nationwide project to raise this major concern of our muslim community and raise the profile of the muslim children in foster care to the wider Islamic community.

Please visit their website:

Please contact via e-mail: [email protected] or bia their website at


In Hounslow Area (which has a large section of Muslim Communty) there are about 60 muslim children in Care and almost all are in non-muslim Care Why? Do we have an answer?

In Slough, Southall, and Hillingdon Boroughs there are about 150+ children in social care, most of them muslims and being cared for by non-Muslim families.

So do we as muslims care? Ask why no muslim parent/family has come forward to address such a major issue of the muslim community.

Please give it a thought and at least make an intention of doing something and get in touch with the organisations mentioned below:


e-mail: [email protected]

Other Agencies in the UK:

Islamic Fostering:


Wassalaamu-alaikum-wa-rahmatullahi wa barakaatahu